License information

For our retail fonts we have two licensing models; Standard License and Corporate License.

Standard License

A Standard license can be purchased directly on our website and falls under our normal End User License Agreement.

Within the Standard License, the price of Desktop fonts are calculated from number of users within the organisation that purchases the license. Webfont prices are based on pageviews per month. Mobile apps are licensed per app and platform.

Corporate License

A Corporate License can be licensed to any company or organisation that either have no possibility to keep track of desktop users or page views, or have a very large number of users and several domains with busy traffic or other special needs. We offer a straight forward negotiable license agreement, one-time payment and endless use. Included is unlimited use for all medias and sharing to partners can be added to the license. We can also provide modifications and rename the fonts to a company name. Please get in touch for more information.

Trial fonts

For easy testing of our fonts we offer free trial fonts. Request the Trials from Sweden here.

Font formats

Our Desktop Fonts are available in the OpenType PS (OTF) format which works for both Mac and PC. They contain OpenType features and have language support for all major Latin languages including Central and Eastern European. Some of our fonts also contain language support for Vietnamese, Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic. Please see each typeface for a full specification. By request we can also provide legacy TrueType (TTF) format for Office use.

Webfonts for self hosting are available in Woff and Woff2. By default they have the same language support as the Desktop fonts. Subsets can be arranged upon request for faster loading woff- and woff2-files.

Our fonts can also be used in mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We provide these fonts in TrueType (TTF) and they are licensed per app and platform.

Variable fonts

Letters from Sweden introduced Variable fonts in 2020. Our first variable font was Inline by Stefania Malmsten and Göran Söderström. Our aim is to include a Variable version in each Complete-package you license from us without any extra charge. Should you need a specific typeface as a Variable font, which is not already available, please get in touch.

Installation of desktop fonts

Mac OSX: Drag the fonts into Macintosh HD/Library/Fonts or use FontBook or other font management software to install the fonts.

Windows: Go to Start > Control Panel > Fonts. Click on File > Install new fonts, then locate the fonts and click OK to install.

How to implement webfonts on websites

Upload the webfonts to your web server and use the CSS code example below. Replace the example URL with its appropriate path on your web server.

/* Webfonts: Copyright © Letters From Sweden. All rights reserved. To obtain a license, please see: */

@font-face {
  font-family: 'Trim Regular';
  src: url('fonts/Trim-Regular.woff2') format('woff2'),
    url('fonts/Trim-Regular.woff') format('woff');
  font-weight: normal;
  font-style: normal;

Tax information / EU VAT / B2B

We don’t want to get lost in tax administration. Outside of Sweden, our shop is build to support B2B transactions only so therefor all prices are without VAT. This means that if you are in the EU you need to enter a valid EU VAT number when checking out. The only exception is Swedish individuals and companies, who can checkout without a EU VAT number, but with 25% VAT applied. Outside of EU we also support only B2B, so you need to enter your company details. If you’re not sure how to enter your EU VAT number, please find more information about your specific country on this website.

If you are a company or non profit organisation without an EU VAT number, please send us a valid registration document or a link to Companies House with your registration number and we can in some cases process the order manually.

Please note that our shop does not support B2C transactions outside of Sweden, which means if you are an individual without a company we can not process your order. In these cases we recommend you to rent the fonts via FontStand or ask someone with a company to do the purchase on your behalf.


The full payment process when licensing our fonts go through Stripe, please read their privacy policy to learn more about how they handle privacy. We don’t see or store your complete credit card information at any point, only the last 4 digits when logging in to our dashboard at Stripe. We use certification by Let’s encrypt.


Contact us if you can not pay with credit card and would like an invoice instead.


If you placed and payed for your order we will not give any refunds so please check your order carefully before paying. If you by accident licensed the wrong format and tell us within 7 days, we will switch your order to the correct version at no charge.


Now and then we update our fonts. We add new characters, refine kerning pairs or even fix small problems. If you have purchased a license for any of our fonts you are entitled to receive these updates free of charge.

What happened to Exemplar, Heroine, Meadow and Satura?

Some of Göran’s old fonts that formerly was distributed through MyFonts or Fountain (before Peter Bruhn sadly passed away), such as Exemplar, Heroine, Meadow and Satura are all available on request exclusively from Letters from Sweden. Please get in touch for details.

Our fonts in use

If you would like to see how our fonts work in different applications, please follow us on social media where we occasionally post examples. We also contribute to the Fonts in use website from time to time.

Privacy Policy

Read more about our Privacy Policy here.


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