All Blues Characters

All Blues

All Blues Characters.

The All Blues Characters are designed as both a brand font and a collection of 26 pendents in polished gold and silver, from A to Z. The font informs the product, the product informs the font. Each letter is rooted in a series of fundamental design principles set in collaboration with their goldsmiths in Älvsjö.

All letters are created using one, uninterrupted, mono-linear stroke of 100 units, with a minimum 60-unit space between parallel strokes. A set of perfect geometric circles are guiding the curvature of the shapes, with a minimum radius of 30 units. Each pendent is then created as a cylindrical extrusion of the font design.

Developed in collaboration with All Blues.

The full All Blues Characters collection is available online and in-store.

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Silver & Gold
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All Blues Characters