Doconomy Sans


Doconomy is an innovative Swedish impact-tech startup that aims to provide both consumers and brands with digital tools to understand and reduce the climate impact of consumption. Since 2018, Doconomy has been investing in new measures to help tackle climate change and has been developing a comprehensive ecosystem of financial tools to educate and drive positive change.

In collaboration with ID-C and Doconomy we have created a custom Sans Serif font. It was designed to endure the test of time and serve as a fundamental element in all of Doconomy’s communication. The bespoke font has distinctive features, and it also includes a unique set of ligatures that present modular emission indicators for carbon dioxide and water – a vital aspect of Doconomy’s vision.

Scope of Work
11 fonts
Language support
Doconomy Sans Light
Images courtesy of ID-C

Images courtesy of ID-C