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Letters from Sweden

Remington Steele


The road to making a typeface is often forked, where two clear paths lead to two different results. Mikro is that diverging path. Where Trim is cut from a grotesque, Mikro takes on the geometric sans. Where Trim places letters squarely in a pixel-grid, Mikro steps out of bounds when seen fit.

Though not unique to us, Futura has always been fundamental in the Swedish vernacular — it plays well into our collective self-image. When Design Sweden reached out in search of a typeface representative of both established and contemporary styles, we took the opportunity revisit that parallel path. Available in Latin and Cyrillic.

АБВГДЕЖЗИКЛМНОПРСТУФХЧЦШЩЬЪЫЭЮЯ абвгдежзиклмнопрстуфхчцшщьъыэюя
Design Sweden is an organisation set up with the sole purpose to support, nurture and enable designers living and working in Sweden and those operating abroad. Founded in 1957, we act as one voice – driving and engaging in the discussions surrounding design on an industry level and, wider, in the public sphere. Because design does matter. And, as it did when we began, it has a profound impact on our lives; building cultural and economic value. We’ve taken the decision to move away from how things once were, call it a traditional organisational model, and be a more open, internationally active association. This is so we can be more agile as we push Swedish design, its practitioners, and our values outwards. In this respect too, we recognise that Swedish design is broader than ever before and we want to embrace that wholly. And so, Design Sweden shall be the organisation that counts all forms of design in its membership. Illustrators, non-traditionally trained artisans, hackers, startup entrepreneurs, crafts folk, textile designers, pattern makers …
Just when you thought you’d seen enough of trimmed letters from Sweden, meet Mikro.

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Paul has a BA in American Studies from Reed College and both an MA and an MPhil in American History from Columbia University.
Veronica Maggio

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