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Letters from Sweden

Meet Lab Grotesque

Lab Grotesque

In the landscape of grots, the subtlest of differences can bear great weight in a typeface’s tone. Looking past the repression of Helvetica, inspiration was found in the idiosyncrasies of earlier grotesks and gothics from the turn of the century.

Conceptually, Lab Grotesque is built on the idea of round strokes straightening out towards the terminals. With that in mind, we made the choice of square or rounded dots possible through stylistic sets.

Lab Grotesque comes in six resolute weights, complete with italics. Lab is designed with and for Stockholm Design Lab, and now it’s available for everyone.

Lab Grotesque is available in Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. A vietnamese version is also available on request. See also Lab Grotesque Mono.

Letters from Sweden and Stockholm Design Lab present Lab Grotesque
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZÅÄÖ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzåäö 0123456789
АБВГДЕЖЗИКЛМНОПРСТУФХЧЦШЩЬЪЫЭЮЯ абвгдежзиклмнопрстуфхчцшщьъыэюя
ΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩ αβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρςστυφχψω
В сагах есть упоминание того, как дочь шведского короля Олафа Шётконунга, принцесса Ингигерда, в 1019 году выходила замуж за новгородского князя Ярослава Мудрого, и в приданое получила город Альдейгьюборг (Старая Ладога) с прилегающими землями, которые получили название Ингерманландии.

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Simple, remarkable ideas!
Acid green, Aero, Aero blue, African violet, Air superiority blue, Alabama crimson, Alice blue, Alizarin crimson, Alloy orange, Almond, Amaranth, Amaranth pink, Amaranth purple, Amazon, Amber, American rose, Amethyst, Android Green, Anti-flash white, Antique brass, Antique bronze, Antique fuchsia, Antique red, Antique white, Apple green
Zwischen 1948 und 1952 entstanden die meisten der dortigen Gebäude. Die Straßen in Björkhagen sind nach südschwedischen Städten benannt: Falsterbovägen, Ronnebyvägen oder Halmstadsvägen.

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