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Letters from Sweden



Ferry is the second contribution to Letters from Sweden’s “Fabrik Suite” — a project inspired by Swedish industry, factories and harbours.

This time we found our inspiration in the three “Stockholms Ström” ferries that float in our beautiful capital. These boats were originally built as steam ferries between 1894 and 1907, but today they are motorized and function as charter boats taking groups out to the Stockholm archipelago.

We couldn’t find any information about who was responsible for the interesting and sturdy lettering (just look at that K!) but this typeface was built with inspiration from those nine letters.

Ferry is Erik Moberg’s first commercial typeface and comes in one black style with language support for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic.

Земляне мало чем отличаются от средневековых оборотней Арканара.

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Fashion mixed with Passion
The first monospaced Western typefaces were designed for typewriters, which could only move the same distance forward with each letter typed—simply because all striker arms on a typewriter are physically the same width or won’t align and pass through the positioning gap. This also later meant that monospaced fonts need not be hand-typeset (since Gutenberg, using physical blocks) and electric motorized cam driven auto typesetters could be manufactured. Monospace fonts being the same size and spacing, unlike variable width fonts and were and are arguably, easier to deal with since everything is uniformly spaced.

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