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Letters from Sweden

Jag älskar dig Siri


The typeface Siri is a labour of love. A love for a Scandinavian tradition of trying our damnedest to keep evolving. A love for letters, original and bold, practical and beautiful. A love for the craft that aids strong typography.

With its wide range of 16 styles, useful OpenType-features and four stylistic sets, Siri is well prepared for anything you wish to use it for. It has great readability, a large x-height, slightly condensed letterforms and a strong identity. These features makes it work over a wide selection of applications on both screen and print. For small text onscreen we have produced a special webfont version called Siri Core.

Siri is a feminine Nordic name, comprising the words “beauty” and “strength.” We believe these qualities are reflected in the typeface.

Last but not least, this typeface is also about Göran’s love for his daughter Siri, born on Valentine’s Day 2011. The typeface pales in comparison, but we can’t sell the kid, so the type will have to do.

Designed by Göran Söderström.

Good morning America!
I’m very Swedish — I don’t dislike to be alone.
Ben Affleck är en fiffig soffliggare, en finkänslig flanör och lite fjantig.

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När man är ute på djupt vatten är det klokt att hålla munnen stängd

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