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Letters from Sweden

Jag älskar dig Siri


The typeface Siri is a labour of love. A love for letters, original and bold, practical and beautiful. A love for the craft that aids strong typography.

With its 16 styles and useful OpenType-features, Siri is well prepared for anything you wish to use it for. It has a large x-height, slightly condensed letterforms and a strong identity. For small text on screen we have produced a web version called Siri Core.

Siri is a feminine Nordic name, comprising the words “beauty” and “strength.” We believe these qualities are reflected in the typeface.

Last but not least, this typeface is also about Göran’s love for his daughter Siri, born on Valentine’s Day 2011.

Good morning America!
I’m very Swedish — I don’t dislike to be alone.
Ben Affleck är en fiffig soffliggare, en finkänslig flanör och lite fjantig.

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La magie de Google Translate
“Typefaces put things in perspective. Drawing type requires patience; the persistence to apply an idea to hundreds of characters, again and again. Thicker. Thinner. Steeper. Sharper. This process is complex, because it requires considering each individual character’s effect on the overall family, and at the same time observing the family’s effect on each individual character. It’s like a puzzle, where all pieces must fit together perfectly, no matter how you jumble them” Stockholm Design Lab, 2014
Redan som 14-åring bestämde sig Olle.

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