February 23, 2014

My first contact with Peter Bruhn was in the beginning of my career, when I emailed him asking if he wanted to release my typeface. He replied quickly with a no and explained why. The typeface didn’t fit in with Fountain’s collection, but we promised to keep in touch. I remember him ending the email with the phrase “Simma lugnt” (swim easy) and I felt like we truly would hear from each other more. What I didn’t realize was that this was the start of a lifelong friendship.

Fountain was at that time Sweden’s only digital type foundry that also released other’s typefaces, and I was eager to have my work released through them. Although the company wasn’t well known in Sweden, Fountain was an established brand in the international market.

To this day I have released four type families through Fountain, which without Peter’s help probably wouldn’t have been half as good. We have also worked together on different assignments through the years. One of Peter’s strengths was that he really could lift the design of others. He was incredibly generous with feedback and always had time to discuss a serif, a terminal, or a curve. I would go so far as to say that he was so generous he never had time to finish his own typefaces. I know this plagued him somewhat. We often spoke of this and I encouraged him from time to time to take a break from others’ typefaces and instead finish some of his own.

The first time I met Peter was when I stayed with him for a weekend in Malmö. I felt so unbelievably welcome in his life and got to know his wife Lotta and their wonderful children. Peter loved to cook and some of the best food I have eaten was made in his kitchen. He could have easily made a living off of his culinary skills, if he so chose.

That weekend we drank gallons of wine and talked about anything and everything, and when the weekend came to an end and I returned to Stockholm, it felt like we had always known each other. Malmö became a town I will always associate with Peter Bruhn and one which in I thrive. These past years I have chatted with Peter almost weekly, sometimes about typefaces, sometimes about life.

Peter wrote his own music and often sent demos for me to listen to. Instead of a Christmas card, his family made a song together every year to send to friends and colleagues. I remember how loving he was to his children.

The same night Peter passed, my son Ivar was born. It’s not easy to stop fantasizing about what this really means, if you believe in something more in life than what we see. Sometimes it feels like part of Peter will live on through my son, even if my better judgement considers this impossible.

Peter Bruhn was one of the most generous people I have ever met. He had an enormous heart and was a fantastic type designer. I will always miss him and can’t fathom how to fill the void he left in my life.

Simma lugnt Peter, wherever you are. I miss you very much and wake up every morning wishing it was just a nightmare that you disappeared.

Your friend Göran

The Fountain Collection contains all typefaces Göran previously had published at Fountain Type, before the passing of Peter Bruhn. We do get requests for these occasionally, so we decided to distribute them on demand. The Fountain Collection contains Satura (2010), Heroine (2009), Flieger (2008) and Meadow (2010). Please get in touch for licensing options.