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Letters from Sweden


Siri Core

Siri Core is a ‘cleaned up’, hand hinted version of Siri, designed to perform better in small sizes on screen.

Since pixels on some screens still have lower resolution than average ink-on-paper quality, we decided to optimize the letter-spacing and trim some of the details in Siri to be better suit the role of a webfont.

Currently available in a basic four-style family; regular, italic, bold and bold italic but more styles can be added upon request.

Please note that the basic version of Siri is also available for web use, and we also have Siri Core in OpenType format for desktop use. Hope we’re not confusing anyone, but hey – we just want to offer the freedom of choice.

Hand hinted
Om jag någon gång ser en leende joggare ska jag överväga saken
Lo and behold

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Kumla is situated 15 kilometres south of neighbour city Örebro, and is connected to its much larger neighbour with train and bus commuting.
Det var tråkigt att lemna ett ställe der man trifs så godt och jag tycker ej mamma borde göra sig för brådtom med att lämna det.

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